Meet GLOW - the new device from NPM, the device that will make your business grow and mostly - GLOW.
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Makeup artist, Hairstylist, Beauty salon employers? Permanent makeup is in your blood?
GLOW is for you!


Built with the most powerful hardware in the market.

First ever permanent makeup device with WiFi built-in.

Out of stock? Shop online directly from the device, and get the latest offers and deals.

Exclusive training & demonstrations from leading PMU Masters can be viewed directly from device.

Portable and easy to use! Just plug in to begin your work.

You can manage your customers’ information, schedule appointment in calendar, and keep track of your stock.

Recommendations for needles are made to suit each customer’s unique requirements.

Power saving mode that allows continuous work.

Up to two hand-pieces can be connected simultaneously, with precise speed adjustment.

Light on! Built-in RGB LED that lights up the working area.

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