New Permanent Makeup Ltd. was established in 2005 in the vicinity of Israel’s northern shoreline, in a high-tech industrial and technological park.

NPM’s innovative products – ORON series, ILAY series, and GLOW series, for permanent make-up and micro-pigmentation, as well as our easy to operate Hand-Pieces, are currently sold all around the world and can be found at leading institutes.
NPM is a world leader specializing in the technique of inserting pigments into the skin, improving appearance and emphasizing the existing natural lines. NPM also specializes in aesthetic reconstruction with medical backup of tones and colors based on the skin areas.

With NPM’s experience and the extensive research and development in the field of permanent makeup and micro-pigmentation, NPM launched a series of products which have amazing and accurate results in aesthetic improvement and repair.

Our recent line of products consists of the GLOW series devices, the HFS roller (USA Patent No. 61-561,949) along with our needles and colors collection (PMU & HFS pigments). NPM’s devices, accessories and pigments are manufactured in accordance with strict quality assurance standards and meet the most stringent international standards.

Our products are proudly covering a full range of micro-pigmentation treatments such as permanent makeup, hair follicle simulation & aesthetic paramedical treatments.

All of our solutions in the micro-pigmentation field employ the most recent techniques & technologies based on sophisticated computerization and design. NPM is now recognized as an international leader in the field of micro-pigmentation with a worldwide distribution chain covering over 28 countries in five continents and is continuing to grow.